New Spa Care

New Spa Care

SpaPure water care products are sold Coast-to-Coast and for decades have been the prefered water care of thousands of spa owner and spa care professionals.  All SpaPure products are compatible with all types of spas and hot tubs. As with any chemical, please read the complete application instructions on the container before using. Below are the essentials of what one needs to know and what to do in a relatable language.    Questions reach out to us HERE or punch us at 800.333.0400!

Step 1. New To Owning a Spa? Know the Lingo!

If you are new to owning a spa, COOL! In order to get clean safe and good looking water, you will need to know:
1) How many gallons of water your spa holds
2) The critical factors below:

pH: A factor in keeping water clear and insuring all other products work well.
If pH is lower than 7.2, add pH UP
If pH is higher than 7.6, add pH DOWN

Total Alkalinity: Helps keep pH in that ideal zone and makes water more comfortable.
If total alkalinity is lower than 100 ppm, add ALKALINITY INCREAER
if total alkalinity is higher than 120 ppm, add pH DOWN (this may take several applications over several days)

Free Chlorine: When a tiny amount of CHLORINATING GRANULES (usually teaspoons!) is added to water, the product becomes chlorine and that chlorine is FREE to kill germs and other harmful stuff in water.
Once Free Chlorine has killed enough stuff in the water it becomes INACTIVE.

Total Chlorine: This chlorine is all the FREE and INACTIVE together.
If there is a difference between Total Chlorine and Free Chlorine that is a indication to shock the spa water.

Bromine: Similar to chlorine, but a little more gentle on users. Comes in a tablet form for easy of application.

Shock: Shock is added to water to burn out all the junk that people bring with them into the spa, such as body oils, sweat, suntan lotions, makeup, etc, etc. This also bumps out all the inactive chlorine in the water. Shocks can be often be referred to as Oxidizers and vise versa. When chlorine shock is used, shock can also be called superchlorination.

Step 2. Starting Your New Spa

These steps are for those freshly filling a new or an existing spa.

1) Once the spa is filled (does not need to be heated) adjust pH and total alkalinity.

2) Add SpaPure Stain & Scale Preventer to the spa. This will prevent water issues such as scaling and staining.

4A) Using chlorine? Add SpaPure Chlorinating Granules directly to the spa according to maintenance label directions.

4B) Using bromine?, First add SpaPure Brom Bank to the spa. Shortly afterwards, add SpaPure Bromine Tabs to the spa in an appropriate tablet dispenser.

5) Shock the spa. If your recently purchased a spa or have not filled your spa in some time use SpaPure Granular Chlorine.

6) Circulation and Filtration. Make sure the filter is correctly installed and the spa pumps are set up to occasionally turn on so the water circulates frequently.

X) Add SpaPure Simply Soft to the spa. This additive will make water care easier while and keep water looking spectacular.

Step 3. Routine Care

When it comes to water care, you must test the water's pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels to determine if any adjustments to get those factors need to be made. Shocking is a must as well.

Care of the water will depend on how often the spa is used.
Use the spa daily? You will probably need to test, rebalance and shock add something every other day
Use the spa once a week?: Testing, adjusting, and shocking can probably occur once a week

Specifically, Shocking the spa will be proportionate to use. When using SpaPure Oxidizing Shock you can never add too much. Not enough shock or not shocking frequently enough will cause cloudy water, uncomfortable water, or smelly water.

Regardless of above, WEEKLY care should include:

Apply SpaPure EZ Enzyme to maintain water clarity

Apply SpaPure Stain & Scale Preventer to prevent scale buildup on surfaces and equipment

Step 4. Advanced Level Care

Want to know more about water care? Ask for a complimentary full-length water care booklet HERE