Q:  When should products be added to the spa?

A:  When it comes to product additions here are some general rules.  However, always review and follow label directions for use.

  • Items such as SpaPure pH Up, SpaPure pH Down, and SpaPure Hardness Increaser should be added no less than 30 minutes apart.
  • Always adjust pH and total alkalinity prior to adding sanitizing and shock products such as SpaPure Chlorinating Granules and SpaPure Spa Oxidizing Shock 
  • In most cases, "Accessory" items such as SpaPure Natural Clear, SpaPure Defaomer can be added one after another directly to the spa water without impacting performance.   
  • If the spa was recently superchlorinated or "shocked" with a chlorinating product, hold off adding SpaPure E-Z Enzyme until chlorine levels retreat below 6 ppm.

Q:   How often should I take care of my spa?

A:   In short, it all depends on you.   The more you use it the more care the water will need.   For details, goto our Spa Guide HERE and proceed to Step 3, Routine Care

Q:   Can I purchase directly from SpaPure?

A:   SpaPure is currently only available to purchase from our Spa Retailer and Service network.   Haviland Consumer Products, manufacturer of SpaPure, is currently a buisness-to-buisness enterprise.

Q:   My spa is always cloudy.  Why?

A:   Cloudy water is the worst and correcting it can be a challange.   

  • Correct the pH and total alkalinity.  It is unlikly correcting these by themselves will make the water better, but if they remain outside their ideal parameters, it will impact the other products from helping correct the water.
  • Make sure the spa is occassionally running and filtering.  Spa should run at least 4 hours in total daily.
  • Filters should be degreased once a month if the spa is used regularrly (8-12 weeks if using SpaPure EZ Enzyme)
  • Ultimatly, water goes cloudy because it lacks enough sanitizer and that is likley because the water is not "shocked" with enough product or not "shocked" frequently enough for as frequently as the spa is being used.

Q:   Which shock should I use?  

A:   Shocking is the chemical process of removing excess wastes and contaminats in the water.   You can simply add more SpaPure Chlorinating Granules to "superchlorinate" the water, but that leads to more chlorine odors, you cannot use the spa as often, shortens the life of the spa cover, and more.   If you chose to use chlorine for shock then consider SpaPure Multi Shock Extra.  Shocks that are free of chlorine, can actually remove more wastes than chlorine.  For a thorough explantion of these type of shocks, THIS technical document can help.   Check out our SpaPure Shocks COMPARISION GUIDE putting all of SpaPure shocks side-by-side.